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Q1.  How do I make a regular table booking?

Q2.  How do I cancel a booking?

Q3.  What happens if I'm running late?

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Please use the form below or call us on 01666823330/01666826536 to book your table


Call us on 01666823330/01666826536 to cancel your booking


Call us on 01666823330/01666826536 to Update your Timing


Call us on 01666823330/01666826536 for Advanced booking


Your booking will be cancelled automatically after the time period


    chef's choice

    Made using our special spices

    Masala Dosa

    Dosa is a paper thin pancake made of rice & black gram, folded with ginger flavoured potatos & onions, served with sambar & chutneys



    A traditional Kerala styled rice dish, Chicken, Lamb, King Prawn or Vegetables are layered delicately between the rice and the garam masala gently soak into the rich authentic flavour. Topped with fried onion, roasted cashew nuts, sultanas and coriander. Served with raita.


    Allapey Crab Roast

    Blue swimmer crab stir fried onions, mixed peppers


    Kerala Fish Masala

    A famous Kerala speciality masala cooked with the fish of the day stewed in a coconut milk with home made spices


    Meen Pollichathu

    Whole pomfret on the bone, pan fried and covered in a paste of sautéed onions & aromatic spices served in a banana leaf


    Malabar Chicken / Lamb

    Succulent pieces of meat cooked with roasted coconut coriander seeds, chilli, garlic & chef’s own spices, tempered with curry leaves


    Puratiyathu Chicken / Lamb

    Pieces of boneless meat, marinated in different spices & stir fried with onions, tomatoes, ginger, cumin & garlic


    Kerala Parotha

    Layered flat round bread made from flour


    Saag Paneer

    Indian cheese mixed with wilted spinach roasted garlic & coriander

    Osìn Lavery
    Osìn Lavery
    Friendly bunch. Good food. It’s rare to get authentic South Indian in the uk but this is it - if slightly altered to uk tastes 😂 I like taking a masala dhosa for a walk along the river
    Max Hirst
    Max Hirst
    Staff were attentive and friendly. The food was great and the value for money is really good. As a coeliac I’m most comfortable with Indian cuisine and they have a detailed menu that shows allergens. Because of this where I wouldn’t normally order certain sides they got extra business from me as I felt really confident in what I was ordering and what it contained so had an extra couple of sides.
    Hannah Wrigley
    Hannah Wrigley
    One of the best restaurants for delicious Kerala food! Service good. Atmosphere nice. Clean. Not too expensive price. Plenty of parking and tables. And the food is great - tasty, hot and well presented and good portion sizes. Highly recommended.
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